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Impressionism has "sanbao" : paint tube, portable easel, flat head brush

          In recent years, Impressionism has been the darling of the West collection industry. It was noted that the Impressionists were touted by the Chinese because of Kim Shin is realistic, impressionistic, compared to other schools more in line with western Chinese people do not like abstract aesthetic taste. The fact is that the case  In the face of Impressionist works, how should appreciate  This reporter

          Monet's "Impression Sunrise"

          In recent years, Impressionism has been the darling of the West collection industry. It was noted that the Impressionists were touted by the Chinese because of Kim Shin is realistic, impressionistic, compared to other schools more in line with western Chinese people do not like abstract aesthetic taste. The fact is that the case  In the face of Impressionist works, how should appreciate  Newspaper reporter interviewed industry experts.

          Advocating realism ultimate pursuit of light and color

          "Impressionist" Yin Monai painting "Impression Sunrise" and the name. 19th century Western art centers in France, dominated the art world is the official academic forces. When a group of unknown young artists in an exhibition held in Paris, France, to challenge the official Salon. The exhibition features paintings of Monet painting "Impression Sunrise." In this painting, Monet painted with strange techniques experienced by sea sunrise fleeting scene. Through work, people can feel only "light" and "color" intertwined. Academic painter think its rough bear, a reporter by Monet painting "Impression Sunrise" ridicule these young artists as "impressionist."

          The most obvious feature impressionist realism is advocating, promoting outdoor painting, trying to depict the objective reality of the momentary visual moment, try to figure out the change of light and color, the light-sensitive momentary processing based on their mind is to the top of the canvas attached to extensive paint strokes, while the sense of color and light to achieve the ultimate quest. Funny way to talk to Western painting and familiar friends, "Gu Lord" Meng Jie Gu, in its micro-Bo talked about, there are three major Impressionist "artifact": paint tubes, portable easel, brushes flat head. With the first two, at any time can be a "stay away" of painting; and a flat head brushes can draw big color and smooth lines, greatly improving the efficiency of painting.

          However, by the late nineteenth century, many have been inspired by Impressionism Impressionist artists began to oppose, they are not satisfied stereotypical one-sided pursuit of light and color, emphasizing the artist's works should express your feelings and subjective feelings, Post-Impressionism was born, representatives Cezanne, Van Gogh and Gauguin.

          Impressionist works crisp and easy to understand by the blitz

          Whether in the West, collectors or the general public, all of the colorful and bright Impressionist express love, understand. Xu Zilin art critics believe that this favorable express a "process of art history."

          Renoir's "Bal du moulin de la Galette"

          Degas' dance lessons "

          "In the classical period, the arts or to portray reality, realism based, pay attention to science, science perspective but this is actually the art of science, the so-called real scene is a true forged;. To modernism, like Van Gogh He treats the world is no longer a surface imitation, but by the mental state of the re-creation of a world in the creation process, people are in a state of subjective dynamic example is concerned, the same is to draw a girl, neoclassical simply painting Her body, but to modernism, you may want to show the girl in your heart, some frantic strokes or color. The former workers might just like to portray, which is needed to create the mind. "

          Manet's "The Fifer"

          However, the same expression of the artist's subjective feelings, Xu Zilin felt impressionism and cubism later, abstract there are different, "cite a famous example, Monet painting of a scene in a row to show a different time and season, the most famous Even as one of "Rouen Cathedral" is a church after seeing Monet painted half a dozen paintings, morning, noon, night, under different light church gave him a different feeling, he stressed environment, air, light, etc. All these factors, drawing objects in the minds of artists with a strong subjective. So when people are standing in front of Monet's famous "haystacks", "Rouen Cathedral" series of works, apparently did not mind painting haystack whether realistic or church buildings, to attract people's attention to the screen flicker is only the color itself; the Cubism of Picasso, he further than the Impressionists, if you want to show the church, he did not care light, environment, only care about the emotional hearts of church In his paintings may not see the church, but some fragmentation, analysis, re-mix form; and into the hands of the painter of contemporary Marxism, even see the church, may be some color, he influence is the church to express his, would enter into a relationship in the. "

          People prefer impressionist art history consistent with logic

          Some people think that Impressionist paintings compatible realistic, impressionistic flavor, Chinese people are more easily accepted.

          Moli Suo "Summer"

          In this regard, painter Wang Huaxiang said, "Impressionism was a turning point in classical modernism, art in China from the traditional to the modern stage, so the Chinese people as well as favorites like impressionist art history that is in line with this logic of development, including Japan Also in this logic among people. "

          However, impressionist or post-impressionist After 100 years from now, though never in the auction market and the lack of attention to the birth of astronomical works, like last year, Sotheby's and Christie's spring auction and autumn auction, Manet, Monet , Van Gogh, Pissarro and other works are frequently sold for astronomical everyone, but there are industry experts said, do not forget the 2010 high is more of "Still Life", the situation in 2011 Monet's "Water Lilies" have Liupai in London, Relatively speaking, the representatives of the works of Picasso and other modern and contemporary art is becoming the mainstream of the transaction. For the continuous manufacture of "high price" of news for some top art collectors, impressionist no longer the only option.

          Impressionist works appreciation

          It has long been believed Impressionist paintings have "no type of images myopia, hyperopia scene of beaming" feature, so like distant enjoy. However, Gu Jie Meng but that viewing is best impressionist "leaned look": "looking at a work of art, there is an optimum viewing distance, but watch the Impressionists, as close as possible to see the Impressionist painters 'crazy' for example. Mo Lisuo beauty painter, her paintings distance than anyone else warm, but leaned a look, wild strokes better than anyone else; like painting Degas dancers, leaned look will find many of his paintings are chalk; and see Monet's painting, it is impossible to use 'an arms' distance, because not see, so look at Monet's paintings, it's best to see a few steps back. "

          In addition to distance, watching an impressionist works, usually also available from the following aspects:

          1. paintings themes: performance and classical religion, mythology, history realist paintings of different impressionist world focused on the moment, especially in the natural landscape, the Impressionists painted figures are also the daily life of the people instead of professional models ;

          2, look at light: the light reflected on the canvas is the core of Impressionist paintings, note the presentation of light, such as a light among the leaves through the water surface reflection of light;

          3, observe the artist's technique: Impressionism use short and powerful strokes, like Monet painting soon intermingled with color, fast and dense brush strokes, depicting changes in light and water, mist, pond these things flow interception moment true. Visitors can observe how the reflected light strokes giving the paintings bring a different shade effect;

          4, to observe the color of the painting: Impressionist painters most scientific results and maximize the absorption optics technology of the 19th century, the seven colors of the spectrum found that they found that even the shadow also has a color. Meanwhile, the Impressionists also directly without reconcile pigment painting on canvas, allowing the viewer to mix these colors with the naked eye;

          5, grasp the overall painting, not every part of the painting: Trying to appreciate the overall feeling and atmosphere of the painting, the artist wants to convey feelings of affection, tranquility, peace, joy, hope, or cold, tired. There are friends and even biology background puts Monet to their feelings, "Monet paintings for blurring the lines, making people enjoy their work when the vagus nerve, bringing the role of people more relaxed, emotional stability, drowsiness show. So, let yourself enjoy Monet might indulge their ambiguous pastel colors bring relaxation into. "

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