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How to help children choose and painting tools?
          How to choose the right, rest assured that the painting tools is a lot of parents confused problem. Recently, the reporter visited the Guangzhou much home selling children's painting tool shop, hope the introduction of safe and non-toxic, easy to clean the painting tool for parents and children.
These paint soiled clothes, use soap wash to
          The children regardless of what type of painting tools, will meet the same question, that is the children's clothes very easy to get into the paint. The reporter visited the Huangsha Yi Park stationery toys wholesale market understands, currently on the market produced a series of specifically for children's development of painting pigments and tools, this kind of product has a characteristic that is "easy to wash". Stall owners on one French Bei BIOU brand management of painting products, series of children's products Bei BIOU include glass painting rod pigment, finger paint, flash transparent gel, they smell relative to light some, in order to prevent the children eat, product add bitter agent. And Bei BIOU finger paint feel thick and smooth, smells good, and conventional pigment ratio, its color is bright and clear, no impurities, and can be mutually mixed color, cover. In the fast drying, can keep the painting surface deformation. If the paint not carefully dip in a variety of materials, the skin or clothes, are all available soap water easy to wash away.
          The reporter business mark card painting supplies in a stall also found named Bang Bang color products, its design is similar to a lipstick, when used only to open the lid, and then rotate the bottom, brush out. If you do not accidentally "bang bang Cai" dirty clothes, water can easily wash.
          The purchase of the brush should buy matching with the "big" "in" "small" three types of
          Drawing tools also need new tactics, tricks to meet the kids and a large nature -- fun. The traditional painting tools have color pencil, watercolor pen, oil painting stick and so on, but they are limited to the painting on the white paper. School children art education institution senior teacher Zhou Guangneng is introduced, now more and more children art classroom teaching can be seen on the scratch paper, gouache on paper, color sand paper, blow molding paper color cardboard paper use creative teaching model. For example, scraping picture paper, it is a new material of painting unique, bottom and surface layer two, the coverage of a predominantly black variety of color, background color is monochrome, color and so many different. It is good to combine a variety of painting characteristics, let the painting of the original complex becomes simple and safe, the children only need to use a toothpick or other tools on the outline, can show a distinct levels, colorful and beautiful patterns, and suitable for all ages of students.
          "In addition, the use of more color sand paper, the texture is soft, after the kids finished works easy to save, various color color sandpaper can bring out the oil painting stick, pastel and lively and bright colors." Zhou Guangneng
          suggestions, parents in the help children choose painting paper, should choose those bright, sunlight conspicuous color, lively and lovely children of nature, natural things like high lightness, dull dark in tone is not conducive to mobilizing the enthusiasm of children; the brush of choice, parents should buy matching with the "big" "" "small" three types of brush painting, in the background, large pen can be played, sketched outlines can easily exchange small pen.
          Look at the packaging standards, EU standards more stringent
Many children's painting tools package on the back of every hue, has the standard, common have "European -71 standard E N", "A C M I USA standard", "A ST M -D 4236& USA F963" and "R oH S" test ". Among them, "A CM I" is the identification of the safety of art materials, namely that a sufficient amount of the human body does not contain the ingredients (including children) to cause injury or toxic effects of raw materials.
          Parents should give priority to quality is a painting class product assurance in the purchase of children's painting products, try to buy the EU standard brand products. It is understood, European safety standards for lead pencil chemical substances have a more strict rules, compared with national standard, the dangerous elements of the content requirements more stringent.

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