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The artist paint palette portrait breathtaking 3 d characters
          [global network comprehensive report] according to U.S. curious news website "" reported on October 7th, the San Francisco visual artist Peter Kum (Peter Combe) with ordinary paint swatches, the creation of a three-dimensional portraits staggering.
          It is reported that Peter is using the unique artistic techniques. He used a palette with 1100 kinds of color, with shades of incremental and reflective technology to paint, not only creating abstract template works of art, but also painted a high true mosaic portraits of old photos of.
          Peter in the creation of a work of art, mostly thinking instead of color tone. He will be ready to fill in the paint palette, open at the same time the old paint operation lamp. In order to add visual effects, Peter will be the color chip is inserted obliquely into the canvas, with color side back to the observer. In this way, people saw the portrait is not open, but from the back reflected color image.
Peter said: "this work is not taken with the camera, because the picture will change with the viewer's perspective, so as to produce a magic effect." Reportedly, a large number of works of Peter have been collectors buy. At present, he is looking for work in the prototype from the social media. He said: "the media image is very interesting, in stark contrast to the eternity of it will make the media presentation of transient and works of art, this is called 'the capture history'."

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