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The leaves of the palette
          Each to the late autumn, Yamahana withered not see, vegetation withered and yellow everywhere, Yamakami Chi scenery was only like Xia leaves. You can take pictures in front of the diffuse red hill, also can buy one or two red leaf bookmarks souvenirs, you don't have to consider many -- maybe sometimes you will want some problems, for example, why the leaves turn red in autumn, and why, only this mountain one or two special kinds of leaves to litter in the former red as fireworks.
          Chaos! Leaf pigment Daquan
          On the color of the leaves, perhaps less than a meter height on the bus not buying a child can speak some one two three -- leaf is green, because of chlorophyll in the leaves! If there is such a problem in primary school graduation exam: Please list out the leaves of three plants in the pigment, so it's probably a lot of kids can get full marks, their answers in addition to chlorophyll, most will have "anthocyanin", "" lutein, carotene "like". But if, such problems in the college entrance examination papers on three categories: write the leaf pigment, and requirements of each class respectively, for example, to estimate the candidates questions people will curse, teachers will blame the exam outline the scope beyond, causing a piece to denounce the sound.
          In fact, from just the questions between primary school entrance to the hypothetical question, only seems to be one step away, but most common sense only stay in the primary school stage, but that looks like a step distance, is about the topic "leaf pigment" confusion lies!
          Let us return to the summer, the leaves are green when back to. Although the leaves green is by a variety of pigment to reconcile and become, the first big leaf pigment chlorophyll but the main factor to decide the color or we say! Chlorophyll is a factor, plant photosynthesis indispensable however obviously, that leaves green is the only one called chlorophyll dye "paint", this is the most said at the beginning, the lack of height one meter simple logic a little friends.
The leaves of chlorophyll can be divided into chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b (CHL C and Chl D, otherwise, only exists in the algae), their colors are blue and green and yellow green, the leaves in the ratio of 3 to 1, and the sum of these two kinds of chlorophyll and then to 3 to 1 ratio and class called "carotenoid" things mixed, many colors according to the proportion of modulation, will we see synthesis appeared in the seemingly simple green leaves.
          Just say the carotenoids, is second big kind of leaf pigment carotenoids including two, orange and yellow carotene, lutein. Their proportion in the leaves of relatively small, so the usual always be chlorophyll color cover, difficult to show, until the fall of the decomposition of the chlorophyll, carotenoid color makes the leaves become yellow, mostly yellow color everywhere, to the ancient and modern poet poet who brought a lot of inspiration and works, carotenoids, can not work no!
          Finally, third kinds of leaf pigment, which is the most complex and troublesome class, referred to as "anthocyanin", their variety, large family, they are more or less in leaves, flickering, uncertain, changing all the time they are in or acid or alkali environment color, they encounter all kinds of chemical substances and turned -- that they the most complex and troublesome, a kind of pigment, resulting in some kinds of plants, in the fall the leaves turn red!

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