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Colorful danxia red as fire guifushengong palette
          The morning of December 13th "try out really strong" Buick ang Kewei road test in Lanzhou 4S shop "ang" first departure, whole journey 1000 much kilometers, eventually reached Zhangye via Wuwei. The trip through the middle of Hexi corridor. The journey will appreciate to Hui, Yugur, Mongolia and other minority ethnic customs and local beautiful natural scenery and unique landscape.
The test team arrived at the Zhangye geological park of Danxia scenic area, see Danxia felt its topography of the United States, is kept in purdah did not know 
          Danxia landform years ago.
          In the test drive, feel the car owner ang Kuwait depth of technology excellence performance has brought about many of the "strong" trend! As in the spacious road surface experience a ang Kewei heart, excellent performance of the new 2.0T direct injection turbocharged engine and a new 6 speed DSS gearbox; as in the high-speed road experience all equipped with ANC active noise reduction technology to bring you the hitherto unknown quiet experience; such as in the city road is equipped with automatic start stop function to bring comfort and convenience; the chassis mode optional ground clearance fit as in complex road running high, created ang Kewei easily deal with any complex surface. Bumpy muddy road, experience through performance and flexride off-road mode
          Through this activity, feel more Buick ang Kuwait in "strong, self-reliance" brand advocate "10% spirit" under the proposed concept -- every man there is a deeper force, more than 10% of it than you can imagine, this is more than 10% from their peak, achievement you closer step.

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