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The nature of the palette Colorful world wonders
          [global network comprehensive report] according to CNN (CNN) report, the nature in the face of palette, is not without exaggeration for myself to put on a colorful wedding, beauty is a must. All the world's beautiful landscape vivid, colorful and bright. Some totally belongs to the nature of the extraordinary as if done by the spirits, and others involved in the artificially constructed. Although the arrival of these places is not easy, but they are definitely worth you to take a to!
          Ethiopia's Dallol (Dallol, Ethiopia)
          Dallol hydrothermal field is located in the northernmost of aley Seoul Tower, the highest temperature in Ethiopia belongs to the lowest lying desolate Danner Danakil Depression in the area. Dallol volcano is known as the world's lowest land crater. Salt springs so that the land was filled with colorful, bright and hot yellow Liusa full white salt bed.
          Australia's Hillier Lake (Lake Hillier Australia)
          With bubble gum pink color like the Hillier lake is located in the Australian iron Bo Zhou, 600 metres wide. While ironing wave state is located in the state of Western Australia, is the largest island of the recherche archipelago. Visitors can only reach this far away from the lake near the ACE Perrin, by boat or plane to. Color genesis of Lake Hillier is still a mystery, perhaps because of the high salinity and a variety of staining bacterial to create such unique tone.
          Columbia Kano Chris tar River (Ca n o Cristales River)
          Kano Chris tar river is known as the "liquid rainbow" and "colorful River", the annual July to November, there will be staged a thrilling performance. When the water level rises to a certain height, the algae will be diverse colors out of the river, let the river shows a large blood red and other color. Here provides the tour guide service, because it is part of the Mehta National Park Sierra de La Macarena.
          China Zhangye Danxia landform (Danxia Landform, Zhangye, China)
Zhangye is located in the Gansu province of China Danxia landform in striped rock is known for its beautiful. Sandstone and mineral rich unique color from millions of years of.
          China Yuanyang terrace (Terraced rice fields, Yuanyang County, China)
Yuanyang county is located in the terraced rice fields in China's Yunnan Province, like a mirror general transparent, to give people a strong visual experience. Hani ancestors 1000 years ago with the hard-working hands here planted red rice, while creating this miracle. Terrace color change with the season. In the two season, rice was gradually flooded, showing the mirror like water margin; while in the growth season of summer, we can see the bright green let terrace like ribbon general flying in the earth.
          Grand Prismatic Spring Wyoming, Huangshi National Park (Grand
          Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming)
Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest spring in Yellowstone National Park, it is about 90 meters wide, 50 meters deep. The bright blue water seems cool, the temperature is as high as 188 degrees Fahrenheit (about 87 degrees Celsius), so that there is little life, but some bacteria and algae that can thrive here. Pyrophilous these bacteria produce orange, yellow and red, like a layer of natural sunscreen for spa coated, to make it look more psychedelic attractive.
Luoping County, Qujing City, Chinese basin (Luoping Basin, Qujing Prefecture, China)
          Neon yellow rape flowers every March will be covered with a basin in Luoping County of China, every spring people also held a grand ceremony here,
          sing the praises of the golden beauty flower field.
          Japan Hokkaido Hua Tian (Flower fields, Hokkaido, Japan)
          Blooming Lavender brought big wipe purple for Hokkaido, let the relatively backward island area adds a touch of glamour. Summer in Hokkaido is always sunny, clear and moving, will attract many tourists here to put up the tent to travel each year, to appreciate the beauty. Spring to autumn, the mountain of lavender and tulips will take root, grow in the fields, and ultimately the formation of flowers.
          Tanzania Longhu Nutt (Lake Natron, Tanzania)
          Tanzania is located in the Great Rift Valley of NAT Longhu, very corrosive, not only extremely high salinity, temperature is also high to most of the plants and animals are unable to survive in this. However, here is the Flamingo and other wetland birds in their homes, they rely on a basic survival of tilapia in lake. The salt loving microorganisms let the waters presented the otherworldly thick red.
Peggy City, Arizona America Antelope Canyon (Antelope, Canyon, Arizona)
Some landscape brings colorful light to the earth, such as near Peggy, Arizona America antelope canyon. The changing of the sun through the bottom of the filter, more gorgeous colors and soft, showing the beautiful orange, pink and purple, the color in the summer of more intense eyes. Antelope Canyon is the best photo of the southwest. This piece of sandstone Canyon belongs to the Navajo land, so here you can still enjoy the tour guide service.
          Russia and Siberia Lake Baikal ice (Lake Baikai ice, Siberia, Russia)
          Lake Baikal in Siberia is the deepest lake in the world, there are more than 1600 meters deep. She also store nearly 20% of the world's freshwater resources. When the lake freezes, there will be the world's most beautiful icescape. You just get ready to camera. This charming deep blue icescape home!
          China Panjin Red Beach (Red Beach, Panjin, China)
          The red beach is located in the Panjin suburb of China Liaohe Delta, named for the lush growth of this piece of saline alkali soil of red algae. One one to fall, these algae will present the vibrant red, let there be a sea of red.
Holland tulip flower field (Tulip fields, Lisse, Netherlands)
          Every spring, visitors will flock to Holland tulip flower field, in this beautiful piece of knee deep flowers. From mid March to the end of 5, tulips in full bloom will overspread the land, especially in mid April, is your best viewing period.
The new Khan White of Bushehr mountain (White Mountains, New Hampshire)
White hill is located in the northeastern United States, every autumn, where deciduous forest will colorful whole mountain with intention. Although the tourists is no stranger to such a landscape, but here the colorful leaves will never let you down, especially those who appreciate the insightful, ensure that you are a feast for the eyes!
          Nevada fly fountain (Fly Geysey, Navada)
          Fly fountain in the Nevada Black Rock Desert wa Xiao County, is a private landscape a psychedelic. It is not very familiar with, because it is never open to the outside world. But the owners sometimes allow visitors to enter, of course, go in the vicinity of the road can see her. This is a very significant man-made landscape, but strange is, after years of evolution and evolution beneath the surface, there's a hole has been sprayed with water and thus gradually formed this amazing fountain.

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