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A success rate of 0.6903% (new) the morning stationery frozen 137.9 billion
          Panorama network January 18th news Chenguang Stationery (603899, shares) (603899) Sunday night disclosure issue results and online success rate announcement first net, the network issued under the Internet was fully subscribed, call back mechanism is implemented, the online issue of the final success rate of 0.69034905%, on-line network to freeze the funds of 137912000000 yuan total.
          Among them, the total amount of the network effectively purchase fund of 35051000000 yuan, the total effective purchase 2666000000 shares. The online issue of effective subscription of shares 7822000000 shares, the freezing of funds of 102861000000 yuan.
          The Chenguang stationery issue price of 13.15 yuan / share, the number of issued shares for 60000000. According to the online purchase, online preliminary effective subscription ratio of 434.56 times, 150 times more than. The start of the call back mechanism, the final offline issuance of 6000000 shares, accounting for the total amount of this issuance of 10%; the ultimate online issue of the number of 54000000 shares, accounting for the total issued 90%.
          Shanghai Chenguang stationery Limited by Share Ltd is an "integrated creative comprehensive stationery value and advantage of service suppliers, mainly engaged in the morning" brand writing tools, student stationery, office stationery products design, R & D, manufacturing and sales. The raised funds intended for marketing network to expand and upgrade project, writing tools manufacturing and technology, materials research and development base construction project and add liquidity, the project total investment 1481000000 yuan, plans to use the funds raised 738000000 yuan.

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